PR & Marketing

Leverage Dongbo’s creative marketing strategy to increase
the awareness of your brand and maximize the sale force in Korea.

Our marketing expertise covers from a classical way of meeting arrangement to a trend leading digital campaign, making easier to understand your needs on every single point.

We can provide your company with:

  • Market intelligence, including market research, analysis and competitor benchmark
  • Branding, Creative design and Product positioning strategy
  • B2B & B2C campaign planning and advertising management
  • On/offline PR services, coverage analysis and evaluation
  • Interview management and conduct media seminar & FAM
  • B2B & B2C Newsletter & Direct e-mailing service
  • Social network service channel development and management
  • E-commerce activity through client’s website
  • Co-op with tourism boards and stakeholders
  • Organize Trade & consumer events, seminar, conference and workshop
  • Marketing evaluation