Finance & Accounting

Dongbo supports full service of controlling accounts,

both receiving and paying. We will be your reliable partner to coordinate, organize and execute all payment transactions. We organize and conduct for you a full package of accounting services required on monthly basis.

We can provide your company with:

  • BSP process handling
  • Credit card merchant agreement processing
  • Credit card and cash sales receivable check and handling
  • Sales report and remittance
  • LOC(Letter of Credit), PO, Deposit and Bank guarantee processing
  • Refund and other payment processing
  • Monthly cost accounting and bookkeeping
  • Preparing and filing quarterly VAT return
  • Preparing and filing interim and yearly corporate income tax return
  • Expat employment administration and payroll accounting
  • Calculating payroll-related taxes, benefits and insurances
  • Withholding and filing the income & resident taxes, mandatory insurances and national pension to various organizations