Airport Service

Dongbo puts top priority on complying with the security and safety regulation of airport operation.

We offer the best service as an expert in OTP (On time performance) and Customer Service by experienced supervisors. The role of Station Manager enables you to meet your satisfaction in cooperation with airport authorities and CIQ (Customs, Immigration & Quarantine) etc.

We are working with excellence and specialized role of airport operations supervision.

Ever since Air Canada has operated in Korea, the airport manager and supervisors have been own employees of Dongbo.
These are the executive director of aviation security and safety field as well as passenger operation and are an outstanding team that satisfies all the KPIs desired by airlines. Our teams offer specialized services for individual airlines.

We can provide your company with:

  • Station Representation and supervision
  • Account (part of airport expenses)
  • Flight schedule application to Authority
  • Supervision of following service areas;
    • Passenger Check-in Service
    • Gate & Departure Service
    • Arrival and Transfer Services
    • Baggage handling service
    • Lost and Found
    • Special Handling Service
    • Catering Service
    • Ramp Services
    • BSA Services
    • Fuel Service
    • Irregularity Operation
    • Customer Relation (Part of ICN Airport)
  • CIQ & Airport Authority Communication.
  • AOC (Airline Operators Committee) activity
  • Ferry flight handing
  • Training for new regulation and procedures