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Jennifer Jeonghee HongCEO
Jennifer Jeonghee HongCEO

Jennifer Jeonghee Hong was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Dongbo Air Services and Bohram Air Services in December 2015. In this role, Jennifer has overall responsibilities for commercial strategies and financial performance.
Since 01 Jan 2010, she has been responsible for commercial strategies, revenue, generation, sales & marketing strategies, operations, new business development and customer service activities as a President & CCO of Dongbo Air Services and Bohram Air Services and now she takes more roles to enhance company’s profitability and financial investment for the future of company as a CEO.
Jennifer is recognized as a first women sales manager for foreign carrier(Air Canada) in Korea, a leader of airline GSA business as well as a role model for all working women in travel industry.
She began her career at Korean Air in 1984 as a ticketing officer, and worked as ticketing and reservations manager at Varig Brazilian Airlines and Air New Zealand till 1997 then comeback to airline industry as a sales manager of Air Canada in 2000 after 3year career break for caring 2 children.

Joining Dongbo Air Services in 2000 as a sales manager of Air Canada Korea, she passionately led commercial strategies with her soft charisma, broaden insight and innovative ideas. Besides record breaking sales performance through Air Canada, she has launched 5 airlines in Korea market, Austrian, Scoot, HK Express, LOT Polish Airlines and Aeromexico.

Dido Jungho KimDirector of
New Business Development
Helen Hyekyung HaAirport Manager Miky Mikyoung KimDirector of
Sales and Marketing
Jessica Dongjune ParkDirector of Finance
Dido Jungho KimDirector of New Business Development

Dido Jungho Kim is an airline professional with more than 19 years of commercial experience across sales and marketing. With the strong commercial background in B2B and B2C, he is responsible for strategic planning of sales, CRM, E-commerce and new business development to make Dongbo sustainable in this quick changing travel industry. He started his airline career at Philippine Airline in 2000 then joined Dongbo Air Services in 2014 as a senior sales representative of Air Canada. He took sales leadership of Air Canada as a sales manager Korea from 2010 to 2018 which led him to be a high flyer with his innovative ideas and best practices in the market.

Now he is dedicated to develop Dongbo’s new growing engine in the field of non airline. He has implemented B2C channels for railway companies, cruise lines, hotels and rent a car companies as a GSA or API partners in Korea. Also he is a control tower of managing data and information security as a CISO(Chief Information Security Officer) of Dongbo Air Services.
Helen Hyekyung HaAirport Manager

Helen Hyekyung Ha is the Airport Manager of Air Canada at Incheon Airport and served as Vice Chairman of AOC-I (Airport Operation Committee – ICN) & Chairman of Security and Security Sub Committee from October 2017 to March 2019. She was the first female executive to ever be appointed in working as an active chairman in Incheon Airport.

Prior to join Dongbo Air Services as the Airport Manager in March 2007, she worked with the Singapore Airline Passenger Team starting from 1992. As a woman in frontier, her leadership asset is especially valued in customer service as she enhanced quality of service that Air Canada provides.
Miky Mikyoung KimDirector of Sales and Marketing

Miky Mikyoung Kim is the Sales Manager of Dongbo Air Service Co., Ltd and is responsible for overall sales and marketing activities of LCC GSAs and in charge of New Business Sales Team since 2013.

She has dedicated to airline marketing and sales during the past 22 years and she fully covers wide scope of work area of airline.

The excellence of her performance is resulted by such extensive experiences in sales and marketing both for FSCs and LCCs and her role is like a conductor of orchestra that makes beautiful harmony of each part of airline sales. She designs sales channel and market approach for a new airline as well as consult government filing, which is essential to airline's success in the market.

She was the heroin to write a successful story of Scoot in Korea and achieved one AOC of Scoot and Tiger Air from Korea gov't after two airlines' integration.

After Scoot, she led a project of Aero Mexico's launching in Korea that is the first Latin carrier in Korea market. She has competencies in pricing & planning, measurable PR & marketing, eCommerce, and digital planning to blend technologies, analyzing consumer behavior and aviation acts.

Besides taking leadership of sales and marketing, she is also head of digital planning team to adopt technologies to company business as well as enhance digital competencies of Dongbo Air Group.
Jessica Dongjune ParkDirector of Finance

Jessica Dongjune Park is the Financial Director & Auditor of Dongbo Air Services Co., Ltd. and Bohram Air Services Co., Ltd as well as the Executive of Administration and HR of the company since April 2016. Previously she worked with the GSA for British Airways and American Airlines since 1996.

Her expertise in finance and administration allowed her to successfully coordinate external and internal audits with Dongbo Airlines, in which she completed all projects in accordance with the government standards and policies. Her meticulousness adds a great value to the company in terms of financial stabilities and in investment opportunities.